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How continuing care payments are calculated Continuing Care is the name for health care services which are provided in care homes and are (or should be) funded by the NHS, not by the local authority or the person in care themselves. There has been a great deal of controversy lately, central Government appears to be no closer to a solution and further debate and misunderstanding only has the effect of clouding the mind with no real insight on the best way to deliver Continuing Care. This has meant many people have been incorrectly charged for care which should have been provided free of charge. It can be difficult to ascertain which services should be free and which should be paid for, but it is very important for those in care to ensure that they obtain whatever Continuing Care they are eligible for free, rather than paying for it themselves. For those not already in care For those not already in care they can plan to avoid the local authority taking a charge over their property by writing the property into an Asset Trust. Please be aware there are rules of limitation regarding the writing of trust to protect property, trusts cannot be written retrospectively in order to avoid fees. Care Home Inspections If you or one of your relatives are considering going into a Care Home in the near future you may well be looking at paying somewhere between £30,000 & £50,000 per year depending on your post code area. I think that we would all agree that the sums of money being discussed are not insubstantial. It would be wise therefore to ensure that the car home which you are considering can provide the level of service and care that you require. St Joseph’s are able to inspect and report on the home and give you a professional opinion in writing as to the competence and efficiency of the care provided. When you are considering such an important investment it makes sense to check that you are going to get what you pay for! Personal Client Visits Visiting relatives is a very emotive subject. No right minded person purposely forgets to visit a relative in care, but there are simply times in our hectic lives that we cannot find time to visit as regularly as we would wish to. The simple truth of the matter is that your relatives will live much longer in care if they are happy and visited regularly. Cognitive research has demonstrated that regular contact with the outside world is vitally important to all those living away from the family unit in care facilities. If you have a relative in care and you find it hard to visit on a regular basis, St Joseph’s can provide a visiting service for you. St Joseph’s have a small team of professionals who will visit your relative regularly, ensuring they are happy, contented and are receiving the appropriate level of care.
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